MHM's Story

Michael H. McCarron founded his wine business in 1991 while still a student at San Diego State University. MHM Glass Etching is an industry leader with top ratings in the wholesale division, direct-to-consumer line, and portal business. In addition to wine and champagne bottles, the company offers custom glass water bottles, liquor bottles, extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. A strong advocate for children’s welfare, Michael is committed to supporting the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization and was named Big Brother of the Year for the state of California. Michael lives in "The Gaslamp" in downtown San Diego with his wife and son to take advantage of all the diverse cultural experiences a city has to offer. The family has a passion for international travels and foods. 


• 2014 - Out of 20,000 companies in our industry, we were only 1 of 3 named both "Greatest Company to work for" & "Best Company to work for"
• 2014 Won "Best Customer Service
• 2014 Won "Best Product Design"
• 2014 Won "Best Glass Etcher"

• 2016 Won "Best Company to work for"

• 2017 Won "The Star Award" The Industry's Top Award (15,300 suppliers)

• 2017 Won "Best Glass Etcher"

• 2017 Won "Greatest Company to work for"

• 2017 Are (and have been for 21 years in a row) the highest rated etching supplier in the industry on both ESP and SAGE (ie Yelp in our industry)